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Bingo Review

Bingo can be played at many different levels and at the higher ones it is possible to win substantial sums of money. One of the biggest wins in online game bingo was in 2008 and a lucky player who lives in the UK scooped a massive one million two hundred thousand pounds, and that win came close on another that exceeded one million pounds just a few months earlier.

The potential to make large amounts of money at bingo, whilst being one of its attractions, is by far not the only aspect of the game that appeals to its players. There is something about the game that appeals to a fundamental part of our make up.

According to many sources, the origins of bingo were laid down in sixteenth century Italy in a form of lottery, but in fact various forms of lotteries have been around since the ancient Romans. Nevertheless, the modern game developed from the Italian version which spread through Europe and eventually reached the USA during the 1930s.

In the UK the game was played under a number of guises each with subtle differences. These were Lotto, Tombola, and Housey-Housey. Initially played at family game if became an attraction at fairgrounds where it was played for prizes. The major expansion of the game occurred in the 1960s when an easing of the gambling laws permitted it to be played for monetary prizes. Please visit online bingo reviews for more features.

This was fortuitous timing. Facing the challenge of television, cinemas were suffering from rapidly declining customer numbers and many were facing closure. Now they had the opportunity to host bingo games as an alternative attraction. Many did so and enjoyed considerable commercial success.

Unfortunately, this eventually went into reverse. Faced with a declining economy people could no longer afford to indulge in bingo to the extent that they were previously able to. Bingo halls throughout the country had to cope with fewer players and reduced revenues. For many it became a large number were forced to close their doors.

To some extent this trend is going into reverse and by combining bingo with other attractions live bingo operators are again experiencing commercial success, though of course the major growth over recent times is in online bingo (visit now) which now is attracting huge numbers of players from a large cross section of society.