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Online Casinos Breathe a Sigh of Relief

The online gambling industry could breathe a sigh of relief now as the Kentucky Court of Appeals overturned the prior ruling which would have allowed the State of Kentucky to forfeit as many as 141 domain names. The whole situation bordered on absurd and the amount of mass media attention showered on the event also bordered on absurd. The fact that this situation had to go to an appeals court had shocked individuals around the world by the audacity of the USA. Online gambling sites including Winter Gold Slot, bingo sites and information portals were all shocked to the planned seizure. But fortunately, the ruling from the Kentucky Court of Appeals was really handed down on the same day that the online poker industry received hope that a new president can affect real change in American gaming and gambling policies: Inauguration Day.

The last ruling was definitely a relief and it means that it might be the end of the issue if Steve Beshear, Kentucky Governor, lets the situation rest. However, even with the relief, there’s still a fair bit of frustration from the online casino gambling industry. Gambling websites that were facing seizure and were uncertain about the ruling of the Court of Appeal were made to take expensive alternative actions in an attempt to preserve their business and brands if the order of seizure stood up in the Court of Appeals. Internet gambling sites like 123 Bingo and Bingo Knights altered their domain names a month ago in reaction to the 1st court’s ruling.

In additional, organizations like the PPA and iMEGA were forced to move man power from other initiatives to the Kentucky situation. Ultimately, the Appellate judge agreed with lawyers that represent iMEGA, the registrars, and the internet casinos – the standing Kentucky State law cannot be interpreted to include gambling domains as an “illegal gambling device” no matter how you look at it.

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